Countdown to ‘D’ Day – Day 7

Posted October 11, 2009

‘D’ Day = Departure Day

We’re now at seven days out before we say our tearful good-byes to our son at the recruit station where our little family will watch him step onto the military bus that will transport him to becoming a Marine and a man.

Just seven days left with him, then a new reality takes root:   missing him, worrying and praying him through the first days of ‘Receiving’ before he enters the infirmary for hernia surgery.  waiting to hear how his surgery went, watching for mail, waiting through the 6-8 week recovery period to learn when, exactly, he will join a platoon to continue boot camp.

Just seven days left to hug him until his Marine graduation day, theoretically now four months away.  Seven days left to talk with him before simply imagining his voice through his letters.  Seven days left of him being simply ‘my guy’ before he’s transformed into a polished military man.  Seven days left of cooking his favorite foods – including that peach cobbler he’s asking for. Seven days left to plant ‘mom’ kisses on his warm cheeks when I catch him on the fly through the kitchen.  Seven days left to see his eyes and his smile…

Today, Countdown Day 7, we witnessed his baptism and participated silently from our hearts in the prayer of protection and provision claimed over him by the pastor.  Then we rushed to our nearby park where we’d planned his farewell cookout with his friend’s parents for their son’s farewell to boot camp with our son.  It was a cold day in the open shelter for our dual party, but warmed with the love and well-wishes of many friends and family over burgers and the two boys’ favorite sides and desserts.

It was a memorable day we’ll cherish as his family… and me, as his mom.

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