Boot Camp – Receiving – Day 1

Posted October 19, 2009

My guy just called me from the San Diego airport!!  6:00 pm there; 10:00 pm here.  He sounded good.  I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to hear from him once again, before arrived at Camp Pendleton.  They were waiting for the bus to pick them up to take them to the base.

Tonight will be hell for him, but he said on the phone, “I’m ready! Got a little nerves, but I’m ready.”  Music to this worried mom’s ears!

I’m much better now, emotionally, than I was throughout the day today.  I felt so depressed and grieved today, knowing that tonight would be his first night of boot camp, and the beginning of many hours of no sleep.  I’m finding some comfort in following the boot camp matrix, which shows photos and explanation of what they’ll be doing every day for the next 13 weeks.  The first week is all receiving and processing.

I’m just so thrilled that he called and sounded good… there’s nothing else to write about tonight.  Hearing his voice – sounding good – is the BEST GIFT today!  Thank you, God!

UPDATE:  We got ‘THE CALL’ at 11:06 pm our time; 2106 his.  The scripted call that abruptly began with his forced shouting, “This is Recruit Miller….” and after a surprisingly lengthy speech, ended just as abruptly with, “I love you.  Goodbye.”    Here we go…

He’ll do great.  That’s what I’m believing.  He’s ready.

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