Boot Camp – Receiving – Day 2

Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My day was consumed wondering what my guy’s day was consumed with, what he was doing and how tired he might be growing…. how long before they get to sleep (and eat)… lots and lots of questions.

 The on-line Recruit Training Matrix  is proving to be a real source of encouragement to me.  Things that are most often scary in life are the unknowns.  Knowledge is power and truth is freedom.  Knowing he is presently in a secure, protected training environment without true enemies of war – rather than a war zone –  is in itself powerful and freeing for me as a mom.  The fact that he reallywants this (or maybe day 2 of receiving he’s using that word in past tense…), and is / was excited about earning the honor and title of U.S. Marine, makes it even more powerful and freeing for me as a mom. 

I wrote my first letter to him today, as did his little sister.  We don’t have an address for him yet, so I’ll just collect our letters for him and then start feeding them to him everyday by mail. 

I’m thinkin’ about ya, bud… praying for you… pullin’ for you with every fiberof my mental and spiritual muscle… cheering you on… believing in you… believing for you…   And God has your back (and front, side, above, and below).

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