Boot Camp – Receiving – Day 3

Posted Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It was good to hear my guy’s voice again tonight, so soon.  Quite unprecedented, but expected because they (Marines), told us they would inform us when he was going into the infirmary for surgery.  I just didn’t have any idea it would be MY GUY calling to tell us.  “Mom, I just called to let you know I’m dropping my platoon and going to the infirmary now.”  Gosh… it was so good to hear his voice, unexpectedly.  I’m SO glad I had my phone on me!!  I’m so thankful he got to call.  God is good; so many blessings I’ve seen along this journey already – from the day he told us he was planning to enlist.

He didn’t sound good.  He sounded very formal, (even threw a ‘Yes, Ma’m’ in there; first time I’ve heard THAT from my son! LOL!), tired, nervous, and even fearful… like a DI was standing over him listening.  I’m certain there was.  I naturally wanted to ask him how he was doing now that he’d been in gruel for the past 48 hours – and likely without sleep.  But, he said he had to go.  I quickly told him I love him and bye.

I’ll be he’s never been so glad to be going in for surgery!  It’s his first, and that can be scary, but after the past 48 hours, I’m sure he’s THRILLED to be going to bed and sleeping – deep sleep of surgery – and having those weeks of recovery. 

Marines said they would also inform us as to how his surgery went and how he’s doing after surgery.  My phone will be glued to me the next few days ’til I get that call.

Deep breath.  Exhale…

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