Boot Camp – Medical Bay – Day 2

Posted Friday, October 23, 2009

I’ve heard nothing more from my guy, or the Marines, as to whether Bobby has gone into surgery, had his surgery or not, or how he’s doing.  Perhaps he’s still sitting in Med Hold waiting for surgery.  If I haven’t heard anything by Monday… I’m calling our Gunnery Sergeant.

I miss my guy, but I’m not in as much emotional pain as I was last week when he was in his first three days of receiving.  Last I heard from him, he was just “sleeping and eating” in the Med Hold, awaiting surgery.

I’m writing to him everyday.  I began the day he entered into boot camp, but didn’t mail them until yesterday when I learned his address at the Medical Bay.  Now, I’ll be mailing one every day of the week.. until he re-enters boot camp and we get a new address for him.

I admit, it’s been hard – very hard – for me to come out of this fog in the tunnel vision of the Marines these past 3 weeks.  I’m just starting to get back into life as I knew it, but without him.  It’s hard.  I’m still somewhat lethargic about everything else in my long list of responsibilities.  That’s depression, and an indication that I’m still grieving.  I consider how long I’ve been grieving.  Not long; so it stands to reason that I’m still processing my guy leaving the nest, being so very far away, and under duress.   I hope he’s making some good (influence) acquaintances in Med Hold.

Hang in there, my guy!  You can do this, and you’ll be fine!  And so will we.

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