Boot Camp – Medical Bay – Day 12

Monday, November 2, 2009

Two letters arrived today.  Neither were positive.  He’s feeling like he’ll never get out of medical so he can begin working toward his goal – to become a U.S. Marine.  In the process, he’s learning a lot about who he is and who he isn’t, how much family means to him…   and more.

Twelve days can seem like an eternity when you’re slow-roasting in the heat of psychological taxation, in a highly isolated and discipled, constantly monitored environment, and on ‘hold’ – seemingly indefinite – from the opportunity to REACH YOUR GOAL.  I know… well.  Very well.

My heart aches for him because I do well know, first hand.  Not from a military environment – which, in reality, is going to strengthen his strengths and strengthen his weaknesses to PROTECT & EMPOWER him and his company  in the TRUE worst of the worst, if ever faced with that in an enemy war zone – but from an equally emotional, psychological, mental tearing down and shredding.

He’s blowing a gasket thinking (falsely), that he might be medically discharged instead of getting the opportunity to really show ’em what he’s got. It’s my job in the mix to constantly remind him, “Do not worry about tomorrow…”, take this thing ONE day at a time, remind yourself of TRUTH and discard lies!  Here’s the truth, in part and in short:  “Commit your plans to the Lord and they WILL succeed….”

This ‘holding’ pattern, waiting, has him all tied up in ‘head game’ stuff.  It’s to bring out in him what he’s really made of.  He’s just in the first quarter and has to practice a lot of difficult things mentally, psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally: patience, trust in the ‘reasons’ beyond his seeing or understanding, trust in ‘THE’ Commanding Officer (his God), rebuking the lies and embracing truth, and so much more.


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