Boot Camp – Medical Bay – Day 13

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No letter from my guy today.  I have a peace that has come over me just today.  Something is changing for him – or has just for today – in a good way.  I can feel it.  I’m so connected to him.  I think the change is due to a letter he got from me today, on the heels of talking with his pool sgt yesterday evening about his pending surgery and his longevity ‘waiting’ in medical bay.

I’ve felt his strong emotions, evoked by his present circumstances, rolling over me like a massive dirt roller.  Pressing into me and crushing me, hour after hour for days, sometimes lighter and sometimes nearly unbearable.  Today, something has changed – at least for this day.  Something for the good… a deeper peace, truth that he’s embraced perhaps.  I don’t know, but God does.  He sees ALL and knows ALL.  He’s been standing right beside my guy for a long time now, rooted in with him, and He does not rest or grow weary – ever.

The Lord is OUR ROCK and OUR SALVATION, OUR STRENGTH and OUR SHIELD, OUR HELP in time of trouble!  He neither sleeps or slumbers.  He is THE watchman, OUR DEFENSE, OUR STRONGHOLD.  He is OUR PEACE, OUR REST, OUR JOY, OUR HOPE.  He is OUR COURAGE, OUR FAITH, OUR POWER.  Who can stand against Him?  NOT ONE! There is NO GREATER than He who lives within US – the GOD of CREATION, the GOD of ALL THINGS.  HE is OUR LORD, OUR GOD.  He covers us with HIS GLORY:  Provision, Protection, Power.  In whom could we fear?  The LORD GOD is on OUR side and will NEVER FAIL us.  His love for us endures FOREVER.  He will remain FAITHFUL to my guy, and to his children, and theirs.  AMEN!

Blessings to you, my guy.  Peace and assurance will WELL UP in your soul and fill you, in the name of Jesus.  I love you – so much.  Mom

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