Boot Camp – Medical Bay – Day 21

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 – Veterans’ Day

Boot Camp – Medical Bay – Day 21

I must admit, the years have gone by with Veterans’ Day being a sort of distant sadness mixed with passing thought on the wings of vague questions – never really ‘close’ to me, personal.  It’s drawn closer now, a little more stark in the fog by the light of our family pushed closer to what it means, what it is really, so very, very personal to so many.  Countless.  A horror mix of extremes – unending sadness and blessed relief, unabashed pride and glorious achievement, gripping and stripping fear and grief…

What does it mean to those who ARE ‘the’ veterans of war?  What would they share with us from the core of their remembrances, carried back to the moments seared into their humanity, a branding of the heart and psyche.  What would they say about war, peace, pride, fear, relief, joy… the love of another that carried them through… ?

It’s hard, really hard to be kept at bay from one you love who needs you, but doesn’t – not in the way he had before…  he grew up.  It’s hard to carry such intensive feelings for one you carried, literally inside you, and through all the growing up years to just… let ’em go.  A part of you and your heart, mind, emotions, spirit, goes with them.

My guy is really struggling, but his GOD is right there.  Right there standing beside Him, reigning over his heart and his thoughts, and the angels that He has surrounding him until ‘that day’.

Again, I share a most profound quote I recently heart that has embedded itself into my heart and mind.  There are only two days for the Christ-follower:  This day, and That day – the day we will stand before HIM and give an account of ‘this day’.

Make the most of this day, bud.  That is what counts.  I love you.  Mom

Visit our Moms of Marines Support web site.

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