Boot Camp – PT1 – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR to our son who today, January 1, 2010, entered PT1 (Physical Training).  YEAH!  While it’s only been four weeks since his surgery, in light of the average 6-8 week recovery, we were prayerfully concerned that he might be re-entering boot camp a little too soon, so we’re thankful he has an additional week of physical strength re-building to ensure his readiness for the physical rigors of Marine boot camp.  

THANK YOU for your prayers as he prepares this week to retake his strength test on Wednesday.  If he passes, he will merge into the Alpha Platoon to continue the 13-week boot camp.  His graduation would then be slated as April 3.  If he needs an additional week of PT, he will enter a different company, slated for an April 10 graduate.

He is VERY glad to be out of Med Hold and working toward his Marine training goals.  THANK YOU all so much for your prayers through these past months and for your continued prayers and thanksgivinging for God’s evident hand on our son in so many ways.  HE IS A VERY PRESENT AND ATTENTIVE GOD!  Nothing escapes Him.  We are ever thankful.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, bud!!  We are SO excited for you that you are moving toward your goal.  YOU WILL DO GREAT!!  We miss you and love you.   Mom

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