Boot Camp – Receiving – Day 5

Total Days To Date at MCRDSD:  82

Our son re-entered Boot Camp ‘Receiving’ today after sitting in Medical Hold awaiting surgery, then recovery and re-conditioning – now at Day 82.  It’s been a LONG journey exceeding the standard 13 weeks away. 

He re-entered at the typical Day 5 of Receiving week, called ‘pick up’.  The day Marine recruits are assigned to a platoon and drill sergeant.   Precursor to the 12 weeks of intensive physical, mental, emotional, and psychological training  – known as MCRD – to earn the title (and grave responsibilities) of  U.S. Marine.  The proud. The Few.

Is he ready?   As ready as he could be, especially after being in so long in Medical Hold.  Time not wasted at all spiritually.  Above all else, the Creator of the universe, His Father, His Protector, the One who created him for a distinctive purpose and empowers him to carry out that purpos, his God who makes his path straight is ever beside him, with him… 

Am I ready?  Only with the knowledge above, that my God is with my guy and is all things to him.  He hears and answers our prayers.  Faith.  It’s the only way to gain peace – the supernatural peace “that surpasses all understanding.”

So, here’s the nitty gritty of training, according to the training matrix, this 4th day of Marine Boot Camp, following receiving, is ”Pick up”.   He’s in the 1st Battalion (red), Alpha Company.  Symbolized as:

1st Battalion

1st Battalion (red)

Read training details – Day 1


Well, bud… at Day 82, you’re finally back on track where you’ve wanted and waited to be.  Your goal, your path, your journey full force into Marine manhood and the realities of real life in the real world.  You’re gonna do GREAT!!!  We are praying for you, thinking of you, cheering you on… We love you very much and we’re very proud of you.  I miss you – terribly.  Mom 

Visit our site:  Moms of Marines Support


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