Posted March 25, 2010
Total days in to date: 158
COUNTDOWN to Graduation: 8 days

 TODAY… OUR SON OFFICIALLY EARNED THE TITLE OF U.S. MARINE – as we are believing he did in fact make it up The Reaper this morning to complete The Crucible.  Of course we cannot hear from him, but TODAY WAS THE DAY!!!  We could not be more proud!!  It has been a L O N G  six months and we are more than ready to see and HUG our new MAN!
He has done AMAZINGLY well through boot camp, scoring very high across the board in all the various qualifications that will take him further toward his ultimate military goal – special operations.  While this is naturally VERY scary for us as parents, we cannot help but be so happy for his excitement.  This is really ‘his thing’ without a doubt.  Of course, watching him grow up, he’s been working toward becoming a Marine ALL of his life.
MANY, MANY THANKS to those of you who have consistently prayed with us on his behalf through these long six months.  He still needs our prayers, and we are so grateful to all who remember him on-going in your prayers.  Thank you.
WE LEAVE THIS COMING TUESDAY FOR CALIFORNIA to attend the 2-day graduation events and BRING HIM HOME for those precious 10 days before he has to head back.
Should you desire to send a personal congratulatory note for him to receive when we all arrive home, please send those to me at:   I know he will be so grateful.
Hey my guy, US MARINE; we are so, SO very PROUD of you, of who you are, all that you have accomplished and all you will accomplish in the future with your eyes steadfast on God.  We can hardly wait to see you.  EIGHT DAYS AND COUNTING after what will be 166 total days (6 months).  Wow…   we are SO proud of you!!   Love you so much.  See you soon (with Brawny paper towels in hand!!)  Mom 

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